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Midsummer greeting

I would like to go to beach but Tokyo's beach ALWAYS like this!  T__T

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2010 Soccer World Cup

As you know, the World Cup soccer finals are being held, and tonight is Japan VS Paraguay, the Round of 16 matches.

Japan's national soccer team has long suffered from an inability to score goals. No one EVER thought they can win the match, but they did it! In japan, everyone reach a fever pitch now!!!

Many excited fans jumped into the Dotonbori River in Osaka. LOL! (Osaka people ALWAYS jump into the Dotonbori River if something good happen)

My hubby is wondering whether or not he should buy replica uniform. Because our family name is "Nakamura", and Japanese captain also Nakamura. Nakamura is unconvincing performance though.

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LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got an email in Japanese from my friend Leo. He's learning Japanese now, and his Japanese is getting better.
I LOOOOOVE foreigner who speaks Japanese with small mistakes. They makes me smile, it's very cute! Luckily, I have a few foreign friends who speaks/learning Japanese. Leo, Jane, Jared and Nathan etc...

I think Japanese language must be difficult to them, their heads must be going to explode. Because Japanese have spoken language, written language, male language, female language, honorific language and more more more! These're extremely different.

There're basically two kinds of honorifics: one kind is respectful expressions used for others and the other is humble expressions used for oneself. One of the most confusing things about honorifics is that the choice of respectful or humble terms depends on the person you're talking about. For example, when Japanese talk with others about family members or people at their companies, they should use humble terms.

However, to me, English is very difficult!

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Farm Ville on Facebook

I've just started "Farm Ville" of Facebook. Please add me as your neighbor if you're using this application.  ;-D

Natsuko Ramone

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Sketch it, recall your memories
On this game, you have to draw it without looking at original images. We're enjoying it!

Dora-emon original
drew by me, Yuki
drew by Haranatsu, Saki

Oyoge Taiyaki-kun original
drew by me, Yuki

E.T. original, drew by Yuki

Perfume original, drew by Yuki

Sathya Sai Baba original, drew by Saki

Peepo-kun original, drew by Saki

Akebono original
drew by me

Obocchama-kun original, drew by me

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Online Game Applications on mixi
I'm having a blast!

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The Sunshine Ranch @ Facebook

I found Sunshine Ranch on Facebook too!
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The Sunshine Ranch

I've just started "サンシャイン牧場(The Sunshine Ranch)" from yesterday. And I'm already hooked on this game.  ;-P
You should start this game if you have a mixi account! 


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Very Strong Typhoon #18

This typhoon is the largest in the past 50 years. I'm at home alone and so scary, my hubby is in Korea now for his business and travel.  T__T

(From YAHOO! News)
TOKYO (AFP) – A powerful typhoon barrelled towards Japan on Tuesday, prompting warnings of strong winds and high waves just days after storms wreaked devastation in Southeast Asia.

Typhoon Melor, packing gusts of up to 252 kilometres (156 miles) per hour, was bearing down on Minami Daito island in Japan's far south and may hit the main island of Honshu on Thursday, the weather agency said.

The storm has winds of up to 180 kilometres per hour near its centre, it said.

"Minami Daito is expected to be hit by violent winds and rough seas with a sea swell of more than nine metres (30 feet) from late Tuesday to Wednesday noon," an official at the agency said.

"Residents should also brace themselves for heavy rain," he added.

Melor, which means jasmine in Malay, may make landfall on Kii Peninsula in western Honshu on Thursday and rip through the archipelago on a course similar to a 1959 killer typhoon that left thousands dead in Japan, the official said.

The latest typhoon is unlikely to inflict devastation on such a scale because Japanese houses are now better built and coastal areas are equipped with storm surge barriers, he said.

But typhoons can still claim lives in Japan. In August Typhoon Etau brought flashfloods and landslides that killed at least 25 people.

Another powerful storm, Ketsana, has caused devastation across Southeast Asia, killing hundreds of people, mostly in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Meanwhile Taiwan, where more than 600 people died after Typhoon Morakot struck in August, has evacuated thousands of villagers as a storm approaches.

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Finally I could beat the game!!! It has come a long way. T__T

I hate this stage!!!!!!


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