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16 things about me
16 things" becomes popular on flickr. I received tags from some friends. Here's reprint from my flickr.

You have been tagged by me to do 16 things! Post a photo and state 16 things about you on the description, then tag 16 people to do the same.
Let's the madness begins!

Tagged by Gaia, George, Guy who love blythe and Jane. Thank you guys, and sorry for super delay!

1. I was born in 1973, Showa Era, in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka. I was born at 3:31AM, my weight was 3150g, primiparity for my mom though she had an easy birth.

2. I remember I have played with 2nd and 3rd gen Licca when I was a child. But unfortunately, I don't have them. Maybe my mom did throw them away.

3. I loved Toshi-chan, Seiko-chan when I was an early elementary school child.

4. I met Western music when I was 10 or 11 years old. I loved G.I. Orange and Culture Club!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! G.I. Orange was a big hit ONLY in Japan, they were clutch player, British idol band though.

5. I met the Beatles when I was 13 years old. My friend Dan-chan was a big fan of them. She told me about everything of them. (She had a many rare records, also videos too)

6. The first concert was the Street Sliders for me. I was sooooo excited, I will never forget the moment when I got a firsthand look at them. They had acted in US bases named Fussa/Tokyo before they debuted.

7. I had an after-school job when I was a high school student. I did a lot of jobs, waitress of beer garden, staff of mover, cash register of pharmacy etc.... I wanted to get a money to go to concert, to buy dresses! Hahaha. I never studied anything(omg!), just go to concert, chat with friends. ;-P If I can return in those days, I want to study English!!!!!! LOL!

8. By way of the high school, I moved to Fukuoka City to go to the fashion school with my friend Masako, she's a childhood friend. We had wanted to break away from our parents. Our parents gave willing agree to it because our parents were friends, too. They were relieved I and Masako being together.

9. I met my hubby when I was 19 years old in 1993(it was before my birthday). I have a crush on him ever since the day we met. Hehehe. However, we're ALWAYS fighting! Our first fight was when we had not passed as much as one month. LOL.

10. By way of the fashion school, I got a job in the fashion company. I did a many things, salesgirl, planning to sales etc... in this company. I worked for 6 years half.

11. My dad killed himself by hanging when I was 25 years old. My families were really broken heart, especially my mom was filled with hurt feelings because she found him. Fortunately, I had my hubby and many many good friends. They picked up the pieces of my broken heart.

12. I moved to Tokyo in 2000 because my hubby had lived in there for work. It was painful choice to me. Because my hubby has already kept waiting for me for even 3 and a half years. But one thing I'm always worried about is my mom. However fortunately, I have sister and brother. So I moved to Tokyo, anyway.
Also my most favorite band named Blankey Jet City has dissolved in 2000. I've never loved any band like them before, and I guess I will never love any bands like them in the future. I still miss them so much.

13. As you can see, I've been crazy about music since I was a child. The music changed my life. The music of Japanese idol, Pops, Rock'n Roll, etc... And I met a lot of good friends, especially when I was in my late teens to my early twenties, and they still keep friends with me.

14. I got some jobs in Tokyo. The desk work in music office, waitress in cafe etc. Sometimes, I had tried to make both ends meet by working two jobs. Yes, Tokyo is too hard to live. And then, I got a desk work in software company. I worked for 6 years and half. Now, I'm looking for a job. Suitable job? Stimulating work? Job suitable to my ability? I still don't know what I can do though, what I want to do.....

15. I met with Blythe in 2006. I had known Blythe since before though it was the first time to know they were able to custom. I saw "Hedwig Blythe" on TIB, and then I thought "Ohhhh!!! We can custom them??? I want to try it!!!". My first Blythe were Samedi Marche Encore and Excellent Hollywood. Of course, my first custom was Hedwig.

16. I joined to MySpace in 2007. Because I wanted to find some doll friends in overseas, Japanese doll circles were looks oversaturated, segmentalized, too much mature. So I wanted to find some overseas friends. Unfortunately, I can't login to MySpace now because I forgot password and which email address I added it..... LOL.
Happily, I have flickr account, so my circle of doll friends are getting bigger and bigger! You're my treasures!!!

Thank you for reading til the end!
I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this!

Last but not least(it's 17 things, lol), I got married after dating for 13 years in 2006!!

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16 things about me

Hello, My name is Natsuko. I'm a Japanese. Now I'm living in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Japan. My native language is Japanese with Hakata accent! My English is poor and I always worry how can I learn English better.
I love a vintage dolls. I believe that dolls playing are a common language around the world. So, I hope you will enjoy my blog.

natsuko♥. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
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